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Mariah Stewart graduated from Millsaps College in Jackson, MS in May 2018 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology with minors in chemistry, neuroscience and archaeology. She started at UNC Chapel Hill in the BBSP program Fall of 2019 and joined the Pharmacology Department in Spring 2020. Mariah plans to finish her PhD in Pharmacology by 2024.

Mariah’s favorite part about the lab is how helpful and collaborative everyone is. If she ever needs help, someone is there to help. Similarly, she is always open to helping others out as well.

Mariah’s favorite lab memory is when she had a beer with Selin while experiments were running.

Her interests outside the lab range from going on walks, to walking her puppy Oakleigh, to painting, reading, watching HGTV, and playing golf.

Mariah’s role in the lab deals with CHIP cancer progression. She hopes to investigate what determines if CHIP will be a tumor suppressor or oncogenic protein and is there some way we could target it to help improve cancer prognosis.
Additionally, she is working on investigating the heat shock mechanism, that involves CHIP, specifically in the development of zebrafish.

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