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Graduate Students

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Undergraduate Interns



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Sabrina Madrigal (Undergraduate Researcher) – Medical Assistant at Southern Dermatology

John Blake Belcher (Postbac intern) – RN at UNC Health

Gabi Childers (Intern) – Graduate student, The University of Alabama at Birmingham

Claire Stewart (SOLAR student) – Graduate student, UNC Chapel Hill

Anna Beth Robertson (Intern) – Medical School, Brody School of Medicine and has graduated with her MD and is OBGYN focused!

Saranya Ravi , PhD (Postdoc) – Won the AHA Postdoctoral Research Fellowship and now is in Medical School, UNC Chapel Hill

Donté Alexander Stevens (Postbac, UNC PREP) – Won a NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and now is in Graduate School, UC San Diego 

Kaitlin Lenhart, PhD (Postdoc) – Associate Clinical Laboratory Director, Cytogenics, Durham NC

Carrie Rubel, PhD (Pharmacology PhD student) – Won the AHA Predoctoral Fellowship and the Thomas Collum Butler Award, was a Manager at BioAgilytix, and is now a Director-Biomarkers at Biogen

Sarah Ronnebaum, PhD (Research Associate) – was Senior Scientist Pharmerit International, and now a Research Scientist at Evidera

Holly McDonough (Senior Research Associate) – enjoying retirement!

Ellie Wilson (Intern) –  Graduate student, Temple University

Alex Eaker (Intern) –  Worked at LabCorp, and now is a research tech at UNC

Courtney Byrd (intern)- Master of Arts in Teaching at UNC @ Chapel Hill

Kalleen Kelley (intern)- Quality Engineer 2, Medical Devices

Zipporah McNeil (intern)- Microbiologist and Molecular Biologist at Mako Medical

Bridget Tarnowski (intern)- Pathology Scientist at Merck

Parsa Pazooki (intern)- Emergency Department medical scribe at UNC hospitals

Charlie Roethling (Intern) –  Medical School at UNC

Sriya Kongala (Intern)- EM Medical Scribe and Cardiology researcher

Sarah Chiavacci (Intern)- UNC Neonatal-Perinatal Medical School

Christina D’Ovidio (Intern)- University of Virginia Medical School

Siam Shabbir (Intern)- Research Tech II at Duke University

Braxton Diekhoff (Intern) –  Working for Pfizer

Caroline Collins (Work Study)- Resident advisor

Jenna Smull (intern)- Chief Medical Scribe of UNC Surgery

Najla Ward-Conyers (Intern)- Applying for Certified Nursing Assistant roles

Humphrey Dogbe (Work Study)- Bachelor in Chemistry

Nandita Vegnesna (Intern)- NIH Post Bac program

Josh Dillon (Work Study)- Development Analyst at Pine Gate Renewables

Emily Greaves (Intern)- Patient Engagement Contract Researcher

Abby Kunz (Intern)- Certified Nursing Assistant at Duke University Health System

Alexis Roberts (Intern)- Analyst at PharmaACE

Amanda Brown (Intern, Research Tech)- Medical Scribe at Knightdale Family Medicine

Jasmine Dennis (Intern)-Hematology Research Technician at UNC @ Chapel Hill

Janae Andrews (Intern)- Clinical Trial Assistant at ICON plc

Nicholas Field-  Working as an EMT, applying to PA school

Emily Stutheit– Medical School, Eastern Virginia Medical School

Leah Oswalt (Research Tech) – Graduate student, Vanderbilt University

Christina D’Ovidio (Intern) – Medical School, University of Virginia School of Medicine

Kaavya Ravikumar (Intern) – KIPP Climb Academy teaching pre-K through Teach for America

Shreya Patnaik (Intern)- Analytics Developer 1 at Quinsite

Arjun Putcha (Intern)- Undergraduate research assistant at Atkin Lab

Georgia Roper (Intern, Research Tech)- Pending Med School admission 2023

Olivia Rice (Work Study, Intern)- Research tech

Grant Irons (Intern)- Medical School, Brody School of Medicine

Mariah Medley (Intern)- Patient Enrollment Recruiter at Wake Research

Dhatri Kakarla (Intern)- Undergraduate at UNC

Nev Duruman (Intern)- Applying to Med School while working with orthopedic surgeon in Istanbul, Turkey

Emily Stutheit (Intern)- East Virginia Medical School

Maddy Kennedy (Work Study)- Bachelor’s degree from UNC

Abby Mueller (Intern)- Certified Nursing Assistant at UNC Health

Emma Steude (Intern)- Undergraduate at UNC

Rico Castillo (Intern)- Research Tech II at Duke University School of Medicine

Bergen Murray (Intern)- Pharmacy Technician Intern

Coral Aman (Intern)-Intern at BioCyst Pharmaceuticals

Jacob Pantazis (Rotating Grad Student)- Current PhD candidate at UNC

Adam Graves (Rotating Grad Student)- Current PhD candidate at UNC

Chloe Stiles (Work Study Student)- Norwell Health Summer Associate Intern

Rachelle Ambroise (Rotating MD/PhD Student)- MD/PhD program at UNC

Sammy Illias Gagou (Work Study)- Incubator Chair TechX @ UNC

Izi Myers-Millers (Intern)- Undergraduate research

Marshall Leathers (Work Study)-Pre-med undergraduate

Brianna Patterson (Intern)-Undergrad at UNC

Ye-Bon Hong (Work Study)- Undergrad at UNC

Will EtheridgeConsulting position in Atlanta