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Dr. Jonathan Schisler has won a MENTORING AWARD!!!!!

.   2023-24 Mentoring Shout-Outs

Schisler Lab Welcomes BBSP Rotation Student, Owen Canterbury!

  Owen is a first-year BBSP student currently rotating in the Schisler Lab. His research interests focus on mechanisms of proteolysis, their role in the development of disease states spanning cancer to cardiovascular conditions, and how cells use protein degradation … Read more

EXCITING NEWS!!! We have been selected for funding for our collaborative project: Machine Learning-enabled personalized medicine to improve severe COVID-19 outcomes

Our project, Machine Learning-enabled personalized medicine to improve severe COVID-19 outcomes was selected for funding of $1M by the NC Collaboratory. This is a partnership with SAS (Cary, NC) and at UNC-CH, an MPI effort with our lab, Matt Wolfgang (micro), … Read more

New collaboration article in press!

#teamscience #spacebiology

The Schisler Lab welcomes new Interns Sarah Day, Mara Tate, and Joe Danica Inigo!

  Sarah is an Exercise Science/Pre-Med undergraduate student here at UNC   Mara is a Biology Major and Health and Society Minor   Joe Danica is a Neuroscience major

Meagan Colie has officially joined the Schisler Lab as the newest graduate student!

The Schisler lab is very excited to have this talented young lady join our crew! Her focus will be on CHIP and Alzheimer’s disease pathology.

Hot off the press! Schisler Lab Paper news!

Co-authors Selin Altinok and Jonathan Schisler participated in the formal analysis and investigation on: The molecular basis of spinocerebellar ataxia type 48 caused by a de novo mutation in the ubiquitin ligase CHIP   Co-authors Rebekah Sanchez-Hodge, Selin Altinok, Leah Oswalt, and … Read more

Schisler Lab welcomes Joseph Latham and Meagan Colie

We welcome two new additions to our lab: Work-Study student Joseph Latham and PhD student Meagan Colie.

2022 Human Research Program Investigators’ Workshop

Are you interested in learning more about the Schisler Lab and operations in space? Register for the 2022 Human Research Program Investigators’ Workshop on 2/07-2/10. This workshop aims to provide an informal, collegial atmosphere for cross-disciplinary interaction. Click on the … Read more

Kaitlan Smith named peer mentor of the month

Kaitlan contributes to outreach and mentoring for several groups here at UNC-CH. Well deserved recognition, Kaitlan!

Mariah Stewart awarded the Graduate Research Fellowship from the NSF!

  Congrats to Mariah, winning the prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. This award provides three years of support for Mariah’s doctoral research. Way to go!

Nandita Vegesna and Olivia Rice @ Undergraduate Research Poster Session

Congratulations to seniors Nandita Vegesna and Olivia Rice for their presentation at the Undergraduate Research Poster Session! We are incredibly proud of them.

New review published by Schisler Lab members

Congratulations to Selin Altinok, Becky Sanchez, Jonathan Schisler, Mariah Stewart, and Kaitlan Smith for their newly published review! Learn more about “Co-Chaperones Mediate Health and Disease by Modifying Chaperone Function and Protein Triage” here:

Congratulations to the Class of 2020 Schisler Lab Alumni!

We celebrate our past & present lab members every day, but this week especially our Class of 2020! UNC held their long awaited graduation ceremony on Oct. 9-10 and we are incredibly proud of all of you! The Schisler Lab … Read more

Selin Altinok and Jonathan Schisler featured in Cell Reports article

Congratulations to two of our very own lab members for their successful contributions to this article. Learn more about the role of miR-2392 in driving SARS-CoV-2 infection:  

Featured on the covers of Cell and Cell Reports- more news press on recent publications on Space Biology

Both papers featuring the Schisler Lab landed on the cover with pictures from the ISS taken by Scott Kelly (one of the twins from the twin study, whose data we used in these papers)! They got some nice press too: … Read more

Schisler Lab Paper News: 2 papers published on human pathophysiological response and counter-measure development to space flight

Read the commentary on these two papers, published in Cell and Cell Reports: Why does space travel create health issues? UNC, NASA scientists may have the answer

The Schisler Lab welcomes new rotation student, Jacob Pantazis

The Brown and Schisler lab put out a call for rotation students who want a unique co-mentoring opportunity, and Jacob was the first to answer. I had the chance to interview Jacob for his interview into our BBSP program, and … Read more

Opening the door for CHIP pharmacology

A new study published from a great collaboration with David Kass, Mark Ranek, and the Hopkins crew is now out at Nature Communications; read and share! Strong work by Becky Sanchez, Cornelia Virus, and Team CHIP.  

MiniMUGA paper published

We were happy to contribute to a genetics study to improve rigor and reproducibility in mouse research. Even in our preclinical models of SCAR16/SCA48, we see clear impacts on the severity of phenotypes based on mouse strain.

Kaitlan featured in Department of Pharmacology video on our community

Great Department and research family here in PHCO. Thanks for your insight, Kaitlan!

Read about how COVID-19 impacted our lab and our efforts to keep science happening safely!

A story in The Daily Tar Heel featuring lots of MHI faculty and our own Arjun Putcha! We are lucky to have great undergraduate researchers that make up a big part of our success. We may be limited in our … Read more

COVID-19 collaborative research in the Schisler Lab

Read more about COV-IRT, some of our work on COVID-19, and join us in helping the world understand and develop treatments for COVID-19. A great write-up by Alyssa LaFaro. Check it out!! UNC and NASA Study COVID-19, Protein Correlation

Meet our PhD students!

Setting the bar! Selin is a PhD candidate in the Pharmacology program and she is studying how the multi-functional enzyme CHIP regulates microtubule dynamics, including in models of neurodegeneration. I met Selin while teaching PHCO 732, our grant writing course … Read more

New grant! Big news from the Schisler Lab

We are thrilled to announce a new five year grant to study and develop treatments for diseases that involve proteins important to a process known as protein quality control. Click and read more on Vital Signs!

Latest research @ UNC IVB/MHI Symposium

Becky along with Sarah and Christina presented updates on the latest cardiovascular research projects going on in the lab. It was a great day of science, and little did we know it would be our last non-virtual gathering of the … Read more

The Head and the Heart

Great article featuring our ongoing collaboration with the Cohen lab! We are combining forces to biochemically modify the Tau protein, allowing us to understand how Tau functions, both in health and disease, so we can find better ways to treat … Read more

Schisler Lab on the cover of JBC

Excited to showcase our latest manuscript that inspired our design of the journal cover. Read the article, co-authored by several undergraduates in our lab! On The Cover: Functional CHIP is necessary for proper function of the cerebellum. Disease-causing mutations, represented … Read more

New 5 year grant and new collaboration with Cohen Lab

Todd Cohen, PhD, and Jonathan Schisler, PhD, will investigate the new ideas related to the regulation of the Tau protein, which plays a role in Alzheimer’s disease. More information here!

Schisler Lab relocation complete

We are now located on the third floor of MBRB, Room 3336. Jonathan’s office is next-door in room 3340C. Come visit the new digs!

New members of the Schisler Lab, 2019

We have new undergraduate interns for 2019! So welcome to the team!

Huge paper accepted in PLOS Genetics

Disrupted structure and aberrant function of CHIP mediates the loss of motor and cognitive function in preclinical models of SCAR16 Immuno-stained sagittal sections of either a wild-type mouse cerebellum (left) or a cerebellum isolated from a mouse engineered with the … Read more

Paper on fibrates and CHIP accepted for publication!

Read about the adverse effects of the most commonly prescribed fibrate in our CHIP knockout mice. ↓↓↓ CLICK HERE ↓↓↓

Cover shot!

Way to go team! Our recent paper in JPM is now the featured item on the cover. This was a big effort by all, including Kaitlin Lenhart…great job!

Learn how taste receptor polymorphisms can affect vegetable intake in interventions designed to improve heart health

Click and read about how your DNA affects your ability to perceive the taste of green vegetables and how that may affect a healthy heart!

Latest paper showing the neuro-protective role of CHIP

Collectively, this study identifies a novel means of preventing necroptosis in two in vitro models of cerebral ischemia injury through activating the expression of CHIP, and it may provide a potential target for the further study of the disease.

Precision medicine preprint is up

Our latest prerprint is online! Huge team effort & remarkable project we participated in out in Lenoir County. Click and read!

Establishing a link between CHIP and water balance in the body

Read about a great collaborative project we are involved in with the Fenton lab. Our first paper was published in JASN, click below and read all about it!    

Read about a new cytokine that may be protective against atherosclerosis

Featured on the cover, click and read about a new and exciting research focus of The Schisler Lab!

The Schisler Lab & CXCL5 in the news…

Research led by UNC’s Jonathan Schisler, PhD, showed much lower levels of the protein CXCL5 in older people with clogged arteries. Also seen on: People with unclogged arteries have more of this protein Science Daily Could this protein protect … Read more