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The Schisler Lab focuses on understanding the contribution of aging and our personal genome in complex diseases.
Our expertise lies in integration of complex genomic-biologic data to elucidate risk relationships in both murine and human systems with a focus on human diseases.

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Schisler Lab Welcomes BBSP Rotation Student, Owen Canterbury!

  Owen is a first-year BBSP student currently rotating in the Schisler Lab. His research interests focus on mechanisms of proteolysis, their role in the development of disease states spanning cancer to cardiovascular conditions, and how cells use protein degradation … Read more

EXCITING NEWS!!! We have been selected for funding for our collaborative project: Machine Learning-enabled personalized medicine to improve severe COVID-19 outcomes

Our project, Machine Learning-enabled personalized medicine to improve severe COVID-19 outcomes was selected for funding of $1M by the NC Collaboratory. This is a partnership with SAS (Cary, NC) and at UNC-CH, an MPI effort with our lab, Matt Wolfgang (micro), … Read more

New collaboration article in press!

#teamscience #spacebiology

The Schisler Lab welcomes new Interns Sarah Day, Mara Tate, and Joe Danica Inigo!

  Sarah is an Exercise Science/Pre-Med undergraduate student here at UNC   Mara is a Biology Major and Health and Society Minor   Joe Danica is a Neuroscience major

Meagan Colie has officially joined the Schisler Lab as the newest graduate student!

The Schisler lab is very excited to have this talented young lady join our crew! Her focus will be on CHIP and Alzheimer’s disease pathology.